Красивый и простой фартук

Simple Apron Tutorial

posted by cindylouh on February 25th, 2010 | Gift for women, Gifts for the kitchen, gifts for friends, handmade gifts, sewing |

With very little work you can make this smashing tea towel apron. Leave off the ruffle and you only have two lines of stitching.

(Thanks Zack for being my fabulous model and rockin’ out my apron! You are a great kid and a really good sport!)


1 tea towel (mine measured 20″ X 28″)

1/4 yard of coordinating fabric 44″-45″ wide

4 yards of ribbon (mine was 1/2″ wide)

about 21″ of twill tape (width of towel plus a touch extra to turn ends under)

Before starting pre-wash fabric and tea towel

The Ruffle

With right sides together sew across each end of fabric.

Turn right side out and press.

Gather the fabric. I zig zag stitched over dental floss close to the edge, then pulled the dental floss to make my ruffle.

Sew ruffle to bottom of tea towel(right sides together). Before turning lay a piece of twill tape across the raw edge and stitch using a long stitching length. Tuck ends of twill tape under before stitching

Turn (open ruffle flat) and lightly press. This is how it will look from the back.

Edge stitch across on the front.

The Apron

Fold in top two corners  of the tea towel and trim. I folded my towel in thirds to decide where to cut. If you want it wider at the top try folding them in only 1/4.

Trim off corners, turn raw edge under slightly and stitch close to the edge. Fold edge over wide enough for the ribbon to slip through,  allowing enough for seam. Press. Really though, you could just fold over the corners like the above picture and sew the casings!

Stitch, making a casing for the ribbon. Feed ribbon through each casing.

The ribbon goes through each casing, crosses in the back and ties in the front.



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