How to make a framework for a photo the hands


The English version
Everyone for certain has interesting photos which very much are to be hung up on a wall or to put on a desktop. A photo in a beautiful original framework for a photo an ornament of any premise. Certainly, in shops a huge choice, frameworks for photos for all tastes and a purse are on sale, but in design exclusive things are always appreciated. The framework for a photo, made the hands, will take a worthy place in your interior, becomes a fine gift for your relatives. I suggest to make a framework for a photo on a cardboard basis of dry beans of peas.

Framework for photos the hands

For work it is required to you:

* a dense cardboard (the more densely, the better);
* a varnish decorative;
* scissors;
* glue universal transparent, it is possible to use and ПВА;
* paints oil, acryle or gouache;
* a brush;
* a pencil;
* peas either ground or integral or chipped

We start manufacturing of a framework for a photo

Work is laborious enough, but does not demand especial design skills, your desire and imagination is required only.

1. We are defined with the sizes of a framework: the framework should be more photos on 1,5-3 see (for each party).
2. We cut out from a cardboard of 2 preparations of the identical size.
3. On the centre of one preparation we put a photo and its contour is led round. The window for a photo should be less contours of a photo at least on 0,5 sm on the party. We mark a window of a framework for photos and it is cut out it.
4. We paste peas on framework preparation. It is possible to glue in a chaotic order, it is possible strict numbers.
5. Strongly having pasted peas, we paint it and a framework in the chosen colour.
6. Having waited full drying of a framework for photos, we cover with its decorative varnish coat.
7. We do of a cardboard a leg-support against which the framework will lean, or an eyelet if it hangs on a wall. We paste the chosen fixing element on the bottom preparation of a framework.

Leg-support for a photoframework

1. Now we connect the top and bottom part of a framework, we put glue as it is shown on a photo. The black line is a border for which there should not be a glue (a place then to insert a photo).

There can be peas are not absolutely usual material for creativity, but here all depends on your imagination. It is possible to replace peas with a sea pebble, cockleshells, coffee grains (is very interesting looks), I saw a beautiful framework from cherry stones, but the work principle remains former.


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