Original Kiev

In the first days of last year I have visited opening of its personal museum of the Ukrainian embroidery.
Value of this museum that it was created by the qualified employee of the Ukrainian embroidery exclusively on the basis of own works. Now its works are more known only in Ukraine, but also and are considerable on the international open demonstration performances.
Kiev has amazed me with beauty, I very much would like to investigate everything, but time did not suffice, and to stop to spend night was not. It now, I know that in Kiev there are good apartments by the day in Kiev without intermediaries. Therefore the decision was accepted to come once again, in the summer with family.
The long-awaited summer has arrived, I have completely armed with knowledge and acquaintances, precisely knew where to go, where rent apartment in kiev.
The centre of ethnographic tourism, museum about Kiev in Pirogovo was my purpose, architecture of park and an external museum. The official name «the Museum of national architecture and service life НАН of Ukraine». That its territory — 150 hectares, on which approximately 300 objects. Probably, this great in the world an external museum. This most grandiose places to the Eastern Europe, is precisely known it. All to bypass there was no time of a deviation. Here it was necessary to remain and watch for us representation which an artistic image acquaints in away team of the image with ancient national customs. It is very beautiful! We have seen a national sound of songs, national умельцев in work: an embroidery, weavers, smiths, potters, the glass blowers, five ancient church works: in them contain services, crown recently married pair. Ceremonies are recreated by employees of a museum. On materials of researches of customs of various areas of Ukraine they write scenarios, schoolboys and students invite the general folklore.
We very much liked everything, hope that we will visit this village in the future.


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