Подставка для яиц из ролика от туалетной бумаги

Toilet Roll EGG STANDS

A basket and a butterfly, a grassy meadow and a bright-colored hen – toilet paper rolls can turn into beautiful egg stands. 

 Toilet Roll EGG STANDS

Don’t throw out the empty rolls after you’ve used up the toilet paper —  they can turn into so many beautiful things.  поставки за яйца от празни ролки

Cut and fold the bottom  аs shown so your egg stands can be easily moved and can hold different-sized eggs. It’s important to fold the edges well to stabilize the shape. The four parts overlap so that should be enough to hold the shape together but we added some glue – just to be on the safe side.

 Toilet Roll EGG STANDS

1. A grassy meadow with paperclip flower. We finished by painting the whole egg stand with acrylic paints.

 Toilet Roll EGG STANDS

2. A hen with an egg – the only tricky part is gluing the comb after making a slight cut in the shape.

 Toilet Roll EGG STANDS

3. A basket with a butterfly perching on a paper clip.

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